the company

As part of online business ecosystem, we believe in our mission to “helping people learn and start their own online business”.

from entrepreneur to entrepreneur.

FOXEE (formerly known as Komuniti Peniaga-Peniaga Melayu / Lubuk Shopping China) is a Business Community Platform since 2011. This platform developed and managed by Fox Empire Sdn Bhd.

Fox Empire Sdn Bhd (1201881-X) was established in 2016 to further develop the community and to ensure that the company is always committed to assisting members. In this challenging economic era, we are determined to help members to generate additional income.

how our unique approach works

Whether your already start an online business or not, life is better when you learn and apply your skills regularly. To do this is satisfying in its own right and a practical investment in your future.

Self-Directed Learning

Learn at your own pace, whenever or wherever you like. Focus deeply on one skill, or go explore more areas. Whatever online skills you seek, we’re here to help you and master your skill for a better future.


Our first class support service are available to help you on any issue regarding online business related and community. We prepare step-by-step tutorial, ebooks, video and existing case studies to help you solve the issues and master the skills needed to create a practical outcome.

share & learn

The community is open 24/7. We have a growing group of people from all around malaysia sharing issue they’ve faced and giving feedback to others. These are like-minded individuals who are focused on becoming better online entrepreneur. So should you have any questions, we are capable of handling them.